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Welcome to Galipar

Galipar is the perfect destination for talented candidates and clients committed to staffing top tier professionals.

We are committed on connecting clients with both seasoned management talent and entry level hires in a diverse range of industries. As experts in specialized recruitment, recruitment process outsourcing and talent management, Galipar knows how to find the best people for hard to fill jobs.


At Galipar, we have a philosophy to work with the best, from clients to candidates and employees, associates, consultants and colleges and create the best of the industry practices in the HR & Recruitment space. 

To be a company that is in a position to take up any challenge in the HR & Recruitment domain. To be a role model for other upcoming companies in the similar sector.


“Delivering excellence to individuals, businesses and society”

Our mission statement reflects our commitment to offering the highest quality service to our clients, candidates and all other stakeholders we work with. We believe profitable business can afford to take care of employee needs well. And happy employees will become happier individuals and create successful societies

  • Aggressive Learning: This is the core value which will keep us ahead of our competition and will make us knowledge driven company.
  • Fierce Competitive spirit: We will constantly strive for success and to be the best in our business. We will not take failure as final.
  • Excellence: We refuse to remain ordinary. We will always stretch and push our boundaries and will be known for our excellence.
  • Growth: We will continuously grow to meet the needs of our clients and our employees.
  • Fun: Successful people may or not may not be happy. But happy people are always going to be successful. We are determined to be both happy and thus successful.
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